Sohar International CEO named ‘CEO of the Year’

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MUSCAT – Ahmed Al Musalmi, the Chief Executive Officer of Sohar International, was honoured with the prestigious ‘CEO of the Year – Banking & Leadership’ Award at Le Fonti International Awards 2023- Middle East recently.

This marks his fourth ‘CEO of the Year’ accolade – with three national, and a regional recognition.  Al Musalmi’s remarkable capabilities are rooted in his extensive leadership tenure and exceptional accomplishments within the financial and banking domain. His visionary guidance not only propels the bank’s growth but also champions the development of individuals, both within the institution and in surrounding communities. Under his leadership over the past five years, Sohar International has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis, emerging as the fastest-growing bank in Oman. This exceptional growth trajectory successfully propelled the institution to become the second-largest bank in the Sultanate. 

Mohamed Mahfoodh Al Ardhi, Chairman of Sohar International, highlighted his exceptional impact on Oman’s financial landscape, stating, “Venturing beyond the intricate landscapes of an ever-evolving market, Sohar International stands as a pioneer within the financial sector. At the helm of this transformative journey is Mr. Ahmed Al Musalmi, spearheading the bank towards unprecedented heights. His remarkable ability to imbue purpose and crystallise objectives within the organization has been instrumental in Sohar International’s extraordinary pursuit of excellence. Under his guidance, the bank has embarked on an exceptional trajectory, charting a course defined by innovation, resilience, and unwavering commitment to unparalleled achievement.”

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