Samail Industrial City localises 19 projects in 2021

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MUSCAT – Samail Industrial City witnessed dynamic investment activity in 2021 as 19 projects were localised on a total leased area of 122,549 sqm.

Over 300 direct job opportunities will be provided by these projects in the coming period. These localised projects are specialised in mining and natural resources industries including metal products, doors and windows, tubes for ammunition, firefighting tools and equipment, marble and cement, and food industries such as meat products, dairy products, poultry, dates, in addition to medical and carton industries.

It is worthwhile to mention that Madayn is currently executing the design and implementation of infrastructure complementary project in Samail Industrial City. This includes a dual-lane road spanning 1.4 km from the roundabout at the main entrance of Samail Industrial City to the roundabout near Al Sharqiyah expressway.

The project also includes designing and executing sewage pipe linking phase 3 with phase 1 of Samail Industrial City. The completion rate of the project has reached 48 percent and is expected to be completed in April 2022.

It should be noted that Samail Industrial City is divided into several sectors including food, plastic materials, steel, marble, building materials, in addition to other industries such as furniture, petrochemicals, and supporting services sector (e.g. warehouses).

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