Ruwad Alizz graduation projects presented

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MUSCAT – The third batch of the renowned Ruwad Alizz program which is aimed at cultivating middle-level leadership recently presented their graduation projects. The projects had to showcase added value in process enhancement, applicability and the potential to make a significant impact. The judging panel lead by the CEO of Alizz Islamic Bank, Ali Al Mani alongside other members of the executive management team of the bank evaluated the presentations across 12 competencies to determine the winning graduation project. Several of these projects will be adopted by Alizz Islamic Bank.

Ruwad Alizz which is run in partnership with Harvard Manage Mentor, the e-learning platform affiliated with Harvard University, offers a comprehensive training experience. It aims to empower and develop approximately 60 employees annually, divided into two equal batches of 30 individuals each. The program entails six consecutive months of dedicated study, with the first and second batches having already produced 56 successful graduates.

The third batch comprises an equal number of employees from Alizz Islamic Bank as well as other esteemed government and private sector institutions. The selection process involved evaluating individuals’ job performance followed by a practical test in the form of a case study, assessing their crisis management skills, ability to overcome challenges, and decision-making acumen, all of which contribute to maintaining the company’s productivity and employees’ well-being. Subsequently, a rigorous assessment and evaluation process was undertaken, ensuring a specific grade for successful candidates. Once accepted into the program, participants received comprehensive introductory lectures covering program details, curriculum, accredited hours, lecture halls, and field visits, all under the supervision of Alizz Islamic Bank’s learning and development department.

The program encompassed a range of activities, including visits to CEOs to gain insights from their leadership experiences and learn how to effectively manage employees and institutions to drive growth and success. Participants also undergo continuous testing from Harvard University to apply their acquired knowledge in practical scenarios.

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