Royal Camel Corps She-camel Rahya Wins HM The Sultan’s Cup

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BARKA –  She-camel Rahya of the Royal Camel Corps was crowned champion of His Majesty the Sultan’s Camel Racing Cup 2023. She led Al Hawl class in the 20th annual camel racing festival organized by the Royal Court Affairs at the Royal camel racing course at Al Fuleij, Wilayat of Barka, in the South Al Batinah Governorate. The event lasted four days.

The closing ceremony was held under the auspices of Sheikh Sabbaa Hamdan Al Sa’adi, Secretary General of the Secretariat General of National Celebrations, who presented top winners with the trophies.

The final race for His Majesty the Sultan’s Camel Racing Cup 2023 comprised 56 laps that saw the participation of 1,800 camels from different governorates of the Sultanate of Oman.

(Source: ONA)

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