Royal Academy launches Tasmu initiative to foster Omani women’s leadership skills

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MUSCAT – Acting in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development, the Royal Academy of Management (RAM) today started implementing the “Tasmu” initiative. The first of its kind groundbreaking programme is dedicated to enhancing the leadership capabilities of Omani women across public and private sectors, and civil society. It aims to create a supportive environment for women to excel and lead, marking a significant stride towards empowering female leadership in the Sultanate of Oman.

Designed to elevate and harness the potential of Omani women and their pivotal role in advancing Oman’s economy, the Tasmu initiative encompasses a variety of programmes, sessions, meetings, and field visits. Structured around four key components, each element is designed to achieve the initiative’s goals, notably empowering women leaders proficient in decision-making, team leadership, and strategic implementation, while adhering to contemporary international leadership practices. This initiative aims to promote their active participation in decision-making roles and leadership positions.

Dr Laila Ahmed Al Najjar, Minister of Social Development, the chief guest, emphasised the pivotal role of the Tasmu initiative in empowering Omani women’s leadership capabilities. She highlighted the profound support and recognition from His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik, which reflects the nation’s confidence in their abilities and the diverse leadership roles they now occupy. As a result, Omani women have emerged as exemplary leaders, significantly contributing to the development of our nation.

Dr Laila underscored that these achievements are the outcome of collaborative efforts and robust institutional support within our nation. Aligned with Oman Vision 2040 and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, these efforts have notably enhanced the influence of Omani women both locally and globally. They demonstrate Omani women’s steadfast commitment to excellence and leadership across various sectors, underscoring Oman’s continuous progress and its unwavering dedication to empowering women in leadership roles.

Dr Laila highlighted that this initiative aims to significantly bolster the role of Omani women in national development. It focuses on equipping them for supervisory roles through knowledge enrichment and practical experiences, fostering their self-leadership abilities at personal and professional levels. By cultivating a community of successful Omani women leaders, the initiative aims to elevate their presence in public administration, business management, and investment sectors. This alignment with international standards underscores Oman’s commitment to advancing gender equality and promoting equal opportunities in leadership positions.

Dr Ali Qasim Al Lawati, President of the Royal Academy of Management emphasised that Omani women play a crucial role in advancing Oman’s developmental agenda, holding numerous leadership positions across various sectors. By launching Tasmu, the Royal Academy of Management reinforces its commitment to supporting and empowering Omani women leaders through active participation in national leadership programmes, ensuring they are well-prepared to meet future challenges and seize growth and innovation opportunities. This initiative aligns with the strategic objectives of Oman Vision 2040, which priorities the empowerment of women across all sectors.

Dr Ali added that the initiative aims to elevate and harness the competencies of Omani women to meet international standards, promoting their active participation in decision-making roles and leadership positions. It also intends to showcase the societal impact of women leaders by highlighting success stories and fostering the exchange of experiences.

He added, “We aim to adopt a more strategic perspective, moving beyond the specifics of individual programmes to understand their role within a broader development framework. This framework embraces a new concept of development, recently advanced by international standards, which merges sustainable and human capital development under the banner of ‘Sustainable Human Development.’ This concept emphasises expanding individuals’ choices by unlocking their full potential in ways that ensure enduring economic and social sustainability, benefiting the present while safeguarding the future.”

He further clarified that this new phase of development is characterised by inclusiveness, ensuring that no one is left behind. It aims to encompass all groups—women and men, rural and urban communities alike—striving for equality and justice for everyone. This inclusive approach has been consistently championed by HM Sultan Haitham bin Tarik in various forums and on numerous occasions, and is exemplified by many initiatives, including Tasmu.

“The new phase of development policies we are looking forward to, which this initiative aims to promote and support, is one that values women in a comprehensive, inclusive, and equitable manner, empowering them as active partners in the creation of government policies and decision-making,” Dr Ali added.

The Tasmu initiative includes an extensive media training programme aimed at refining participants’ personal presentation skills, mastering communication across various media platforms, and enhancing public speaking abilities. It also focuses on establishing a robust digital presence and developing sustainable financial strategies to effectively manage resources, including budgeting for investment projects, engaging stakeholders, and mitigating economic and financial risks. Additionally, the initiative includes a leadership bootcamp to cultivate self-leadership skills and guide participants in making insightful decisions about their future leadership roles. Graduation is set for October 17, coinciding with Omani Women’s Day.

This initiative was launched by the Royal Academy of Management and the Ministry of Social Development to coincide with International Women’s Day 2024, celebrated annually on March 8.

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