ROP and Bank Muscat continue partnership for anti-fraud campaign for the 5th consecutive year

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MUSCAT – With the increased popularity of digital channels due to the ease with which they bring services closer and enable transaction processes, criminal activities from all over the world have been on the rise to scam the public through a variety of deceptive methods via these channels. Against this background, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) and Bank Muscat have announced that they continue to partner closely in implementing a joint anti-fraud campaign for the fifth consecutive year. The campaign focuses on raising public’s awareness about this phenomenon among different institutions and individuals in the community.

The awareness campaign will be carried out as part of social responsibility efforts of both institutions using various media channels including Oman TV, radio, print, online media, and social media. This year, the campaign will include a number of new programmes and topics reflecting the more recent deceptive activities used by criminals. The public can easily contact the Royal Oman Police hotline at 80077444 to report fraud or for any fraud-related queries. 

The jointly-run campaign launched this year will be supported by a number of new awareness messages in various media channels, websites and electronic newspapers to reduce the consequences of falling for fraud. Criminals use multiple methods such as sending phishing emails or links to employees and members of the community in general. People can also fall for fraud when playing online games or making online purchases without verifying the persons or entities being dealt with. 

With cases of electronic fraud increasing globally and often causing tremendous financial and psychological harm to both individuals and businesses, Bank Muscat has further strengthened its efforts to combat this crime by partnering regularly with a number of institutions and authorities including the Royal Oman Police, Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology and other institutions. The campaign sought to help the public recognise fraud and avoid falling prey to it. Royal Oman Police and Bank Muscat will continue during the coming period to spread new messages reflecting the importance of never sharing personal details with anyone, including those claiming to be a bank employee or an official as this is an essential first step to defend oneself against criminal activities.

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