ROP and Bank muscat continue anti-fraud awareness initiative

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MUSCAT – Royal Oman Police (ROP) and Bank Muscat have announced recently the continuation of the annual Anti-Fraud awareness initiative aimed to raising awareness against various fraud methods in order to reduce the financial and psychological consequences that they cause. 

This year, the initiative sheds light on serious topics including raising awareness against fake jobs opportunities. Safeguarding the financial well-being is of extreme importance. In an age where job seekers actively explore job opportunities online, fraudulent job offers are on the rise. 

To avoid falling victim to fraudulent activities, there are a number of precautious steps that need to be taken: avoid responding to messages from suspicious or unknown senders; avoid transferring funds to unknown personnel or accounts; be wary of job offers that require upfront fees or personal information; be careful of urgent requests, intimidations and threats; and most importantly, block and report the sender on WhatsApp if found suspicious. The awareness initiative will continue throughout the year using various media channels including Oman TV, radio, print, online media, and social media; aiming to help the public recognise fraud and avoid falling prey to it. It is essential to never share personal details with anyone, including those claiming to be employees or officials in certain institutions as this is a vital first step to defend oneself against criminal activities.  

The public can easily contact the Royal Oman Police hotline at 80077444 to report fraud or for any fraud-related queries.

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