Power within you to change

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By Colonel Abdul Wahab Al Balushi (Retd) 

How do we become the change?
Change, like most contemporary words, is such a cliché. It is so overused, not just in the professional world, but also in the personal arena. You walk into your work place; you see plenty of inspiring quotes and ideas of change. You look at the world around you, you get ideas of how the world can be a better one; and the circle gets complete when you return home, once again you want change.
But what are you doing about it? Do you even realise that you hold the power within you for change?

Left wondering why
If you take a piece of paper and jot down how you are channelising your energy and power, you will realise that a major part of your 24 hours goes into matters of interest, but you have no influence over those issues. Unfortunately you do not ‘influence’ those issues, because you are not in ‘control’ to make the changes for good. The acts that you can actually influence are the ones that is immediate in your circle; like the family and work place decisions and issues. Your immediate circle of people, be it your colleagues, staff, team members or your family members – maybe you can influence them. Or you can at least try to influence them. But, finally, their decisions remain on them. After all the efforts, you will only be left wondering why!

Control your choices and decisions
So what do you do? You look into your immediate circle, where you actually have control over the actions and changes you can make. If you want to change your diet and become a vegan, there you go… you start the very next day and change yourself. You decide that you are going to pursue higher studies, so that you can get that promotion at office… and it is in your control. The date you want to start studying, the course, the fees you need to save up and the path you are in to ensure you complete the higher course. Now, to get that additional qualification, you control major decisions, channelise your energy and take the step to make that change; the change being a professional career decision, which will change your lifestyle, and indirectly change your family members’ lifestyle too. But yes, the decision is all yours to make the change. The focus is yours and the end result too.

While you cannot change legislation or a law, you can still try and focus on it with no change. Don’t you think it is more beneficial to upgrade yourself and thereby be the change that can touch many lives positively.

It is in your hands
Human beings are creatures of habit. We do things out of habit. To break a habit, to change takes immense effort. When we are in control of our energy and focus, the change is phenomenal. Where focus goes, energy flows.
We can move mountains, change our habits and become a better individual. It is a group of enhanced individuals that make a progressive society. So when you are in control of the decisions you make, you actually change the society that you planned initially on a day-to-day basis, including global changes, climate change, economy of the nation you live in, and even the traffic jam that frustrates you when you drive to work daily. Be in that circle of control.
Be the change finally!

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