Over 1.6m vehicles registered in Oman by November 2023

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MUSCAT – The total number of vehicles registered in the Sultanate of Oman reached 1,660,803 by the end of November 2023, according to the data issued by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).

Private registration vehicles constituted 79.5 percent of the total vehicles registered in Oman, to stand at 1,321,213. Vehicles with a capacity of 1500-3000 cc constituted 54 percent to stand at 898,060. Most vehicles come in the color ‘white’ (comprising 42.7 percent) to stand at 709,525. Further, vehicles with commercial registration constituted 14.7 percent (243,834), while the number of rental cars stood at 33,305 (2 percent). Meanwhile, the number of taxi vehicles reached 27,889 (comprising 1.7 percent).

As far as vehicles weights are concerned, the number of vehicles weighing less than 3 tons stood 1,503,627, comprising 90.5 percent of the total registered vehicles in the Sultanate of Oman.

(Source: ONA)

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