Omani entrepreneurs applaud Eshraqa’s Tasees initiative

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MUSCAT – Building on its role as a facilitator for start-ups and SMEs, Tasees, (formerly Eshraqa Entrepreneurship Academy) is on a mission to shape and mould the fortunes of aspiring Omani entrepreneurs with a proven methodology of skill-building exercises, combined with consultancy and infrastructural support.

Tasees has earned a credible reputation as a reliable mentor and guide; it continues to enlist entrepreneurs to its fold, empowering and inspiring them to build, develop and enhance their business opportunities by adopting a grassroots strategy. As a coach and patron with the potential to fulfill dreams of start-ups, it has supported 24 business ventures from various sectors, including construction, e-commerce, food and beverage, training and management consultancy, cosmetics, and IT solutions, among others.

Urging small businesses to dream big, Tasees continues to foster an entrepreneurial mindset through educational and training resources that are specifically designed to provide a boost to initiate the business project. Starting from the pre-incubation stage, Tasees shares the large task of ‘incubation’, followed by ‘acceleration’ and ‘Funding and Guidance’ to bring the project to fruition with a strong base to expand and grow. It is this direct engagement with new start-ups that makes Tasees approach and method unique; it has supported business ideas from every sector, both traditional and modern. Thanks to its training and involvement in the various stages of development, a couple of businesses in the country have already found success and have reached newer levels.

What has also been a major spur in bolstering Tasees ambitious entrepreneur support system is its resolve to partner with the government in realising the objectives of Oman Vision 2040. Highlighting the same, Nailesh Khimji, Director, Khimji Ramdas Group, said, “We aim to enable aspiring and established entrepreneurs to dream big and achieve their true potential. In line with Oman Vision 2040, under the visionary guidance of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik, we have been able to nurture and mentor a diverse range of Omani businesses to excel in their respective fields.”

“It is our desire to target the potentials of young entrepreneurs in achieving the main theme of ‘economy and development, as inscribed in the Vision manifesto. The ambit of our training module is based on the sound belief that effective leadership or entrepreneurship should begin early. That belief puts the onus on major corporations like us, who have a responsibility to their community and have the resources and capabilities to champion the cause of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Through Eshraqa, we have implemented several social impact projects, and through Tasees we have kept our focus on empowering young Omanis who dare to dream and are willing to take the leap of faith with us. We have honed our training operations to suit the market requirements and have the requisite expertise to assess and analyse businesses that need that extra push to savour newfound success,” he added.

With Oman Vision 2040 emphasising the importance of strengthening sustainable human development, Tasees is well on its way to bridging the gap with its threefold approach to training – capacity building, consultancy interventions, and infrastructural support. Whether it is one-to-one training, low cost shared space and utilities, workshops and training programs, or its annual mentorship program in partnership with Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises Development – ASMED (Riyada), Tasees is determined to play an active role in the larger picture. 

Since its inception in 2018, Tasees has backed the nation’s agenda of inclusive and sustainable development. It has stimulated economic independence and leadership among young Omanis who are ready and willing to meet the government’s diversification drive.

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