Oman wins membership in UNESCO Executive Council

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PARIS – The Sultanate of Oman won membership in the Executive Council of the UNESCO for the period from 2023 to 2027, after obtaining 159 votes. This took place during the deliberations of the 42nd session of the UNESCO General Conference held in Paris until 22 November 2023.

The UNESCO Executive Council is one of the three most important constitutional bodies of the organization, alongside the General Conference and the General Secretariat. The Executive Council is elected by the General Conference and is responsible for drawing up policies for the organization’s action programs and studying budget estimates. The Council consists of 58-member states, whose membership extends for four years.

The Sultanate of Oman’s accession to membership in the UNESCO Executive Council confirms its high standing on the international scene, the effectiveness of its successful diplomatic relations, and its keen interest in cooperating with all member states to achieve common goals and interests in the areas of UNESCO’s action.

Winning such membership enhances the role of the Sultanate of Oman in effectively contributing to the evaluation of UNESCO’s strategies and following up its financial and administrative matters, as well as following up the effectiveness of field office programs to make them more influential and responsive to the needs of all peoples of the member states.

This accession also constitutes an opportunity to highlight the Sultanate of Oman’s inherent role in spreading the culture of peace and tolerance, and to transfer its successful experiences and expertise as a role model in achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs).

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