Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry establishes foreign investors committee

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MUSCAT – Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry has established a Foreign Investors Committee under the Chairmanship of Abdullatif Muhyiddin Khawanji OCCI board member.
Other members nominated to the committee for the period 2023 to 2026 are Davis Kallukaran, Ahmed Rayees, Dr Thomas Alexander, Sheikh Julanda Al Hashmi, Ahmed Subhani, Naji Salim Al Harthy, Alwyn and Giovani Piazzolla. Sharouq Hamed Al Farsi is the Chambers coordinator for the committee.

The committee formally met today under the Chairmanship of Abdul Latheef at the Chamber, in the presence of the legal advisor Ali Al Khasbi. Shurooq Hamed Al Farsi made the presentation on the Sectorial committee’s Structure, mandates, the mechanism of functioning and the articles of association of the committee

Davis Kallukaran, was unanimously nominated to be the Vice Chairman of the committee. Davis is also one of the founder Directors of Indo Gulf Middleast Chamber of commerce (INMECC) incorporated in India and having chapters across the states of India and the Middle east countries including Oman. OCCI has recently concluded an MOU with INMECC to work closely to improve mutual business relationship. Speaking on the occasion Mr Davis who is a resident of Oman since 1990 said that this nomination as the Vice Chairman is indeed a great honour for INMECC which will definitely contribute, in a humble way to accelerate the process of achieving the objectives of INMECC, under the patronage of OCCI within the framework of the MOU.

The committee has been established with the following mandates:

  • Identifying obstacles and issues facing the private sector and trying to find solutions
  • Preparing statistical reports to follow up on the recommendations
  • Holding meetings with state officials and directly discussing the concerns and aspirations of the private sector. 
  • Conformity with the proposed targets and Oman Vision 2040
  • Study and review developments related to economic affairs
  • Participation in seminars, conferences and workshops
  • Working according to plans and programs that are consistent with the strategic objectives of the Chamber
  • Submitting recommendations to the concerned authorities supported by the necessary information and statistics
  • Highlighting the role of the sector in the media and introducing it and its importance
  • Integration between sectoral committees in the main centre and branches in the governorates.

Apart from the above, the committee will be engaged in Managing internal and external delegations, holding specialized workshops, holding joint meetings with chamber branches, Representing OCCI in meetings outside, Representing the Chamber in conferences and events, holding conferences and seminars, participation in meetings held in OCCI, hosting officials, Establishing emergency work teams and Conduct studies in coordination with the Chamber.

A detailed report on the activity of the committee will be submitted quarterly, semi-annually and annually to the office of His Excellency the Chairman of the Chamber.

Photos: V K Shafeer

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