NBO introduces Samsung Wallet in Oman

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MUSCAT – National Bank of Oman (NBO) and NBO Muzn Islamic Banking have introduced Samsung Wallet, an innovative digital payment solution, for all their customers to elevate their digital banking journey. In collaboration with Samsung Gulf Electronics, this initiative redefines the payment experience by providing customers with an innovative platform that not only facilitates seamless mobile payment services but also enables users to conduct secure, contactless transactions across a diverse array of online, on-site, and in-store outlets worldwide. Starting on April 28, 2024, all NBO and Muzn customers will have the opportunity to activate Samsung Wallet through the Samsung Pay app.

Tariq Atiq, General Manager – Chief Retail & Digital Banking Officer at NBO, expressed enthusiasm about this new launch, stating, “In line with the country’s vision and NBO’s strategy to digitise products and services, we are excited to introduce Samsung Wallet to our valued customers. With this cutting-edge digital payment solution, our customers can enjoy smooth and secure transactions using their Samsung devices, which are quick and contactless, adding convenience to their daily lives. This launch reaffirms NBO’s position as a leader in digital banking innovation, and we are confident that Samsung Wallet will greatly benefit our customers by providing them with an intuitive and efficient payment method. We aim to provide exceptional services that meet our customers’ needs seamlessly.”

Fadi Abu Shamat, Head of the Mobile eXperience Division at Samsung Gulf Electronics, said, “Fostering a dynamic leap in our next-gen payment solutions, our collaboration with NBO marks a pivotal stride for Samsung Wallet in Oman. Our commitment to innovation and customer-centric values is underscored as we empower users with intuitive features while safeguarding their personal and financial data through Samsung Knox. This venture exemplifies our dedication to crafting a vibrant digital landscape for all.”

Samsung Wallet enables customers to instantly add their debit, credit, and prepaid cards from NBO or Muzn to the Samsung Wallet application by following a few simple steps. Whether customers are making purchases locally or internationally, they can complete transactions securely with just one click, ensuring a hassle-free payment experience. 

For more information on how to activate your Samsung Wallet and enjoy easy payments, NBO and Muzn customers are encouraged to visit www.nbo.om and www.muzn.om or contact our customer service at 24770000 or via the user-friendly NBO or NBO Muzn Islamic Muzn App.

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