Muscat Municipality and Bank Muscat partner launch food trucks Initiative

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MUSCAT – The Municipality of Muscat and Bank Muscat announced that they have recently signed a memorandum of cooperation to launch a Food Truck initiative in Bausher to support street vendors culinary offerings.

The memorandum was signed by Dr Shauqi bin Abdulrahman Al Zadjali, General Director of Health Affairs and acting General Director of Planning and Investment, Muscat Municipality, and Talib bin Saif Al Makhmari, Head of Community and Media Relations, Bank Muscat. It is worth noting that the implementation of the social initiative was also supported by the SMEs Development Authority.  

The Food Trucks Initiative reaffirms the Municipality and Bank Muscat’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurs and owners of emerging businesses such as street vendors by providing them with the appropriate tools and entrepreneurial skills with the aim to develop their businesses. It also falls under Bank Muscat’s full chain of social initiatives, underscoring its commitment to supporting street vendors by offering them a number of food trucks featuring safety and modern design standards to cater to their diverse needs. The Food Trucks serve as a vibrant platform for street vendors to showcase their culinary offerings, thus, contributing to a positive experience for local residents and tourists visiting the designated area. It is noteworthy that Muscat Municipality has supplied the facilities necessary to satisfy the requirements of such businesses including vehicle-park areas. The Municipality will also actively monitor and supervise the smooth operations of these trucks in accordance with the professional and health terms and conditions.   

In addition, the initiative underscores Bank Muscat’s dedication to supporting various business sectors through the continuous launch of sustainable programmes. It also constitutes a valuable contribution that will bring about long-term social and economic values. These food trucks will serve as a platform for aspiring business owners, offering them a unique opportunity to showcase their culinary talents and provide a diverse range of food options to the local residents. By supporting these small businesses, the initiative will not only create new job opportunities but also foster a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation within the community. Overall, the initiative exemplifies a collaborative effort between the public and private sectors to empower individuals, promote local businesses, and drive the economic and national growth of the Sultanate.

Dr Shauqi bin Abdulrahman Al Zadjali, General Director of Health Affairs and acting General Director of Planning and Investment, Muscat Municipality, reported: “We constantly seek to launch community-driven initiatives in cooperation with the private sectors. This initiative will greatly play a pivotal role in serving the community and satisfying the needs of the local residents. It also represents a platform to encourage entrepreneurs and business owners to develop and grow their businesses. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bank Muscat for its continuous support to the community and contribution to the initiative, which reflects good partnerships between the public and private sectors.” 

Talib bin Saif Al Makhmari, Head of Community & Media Relations, Bank Muscat, said: “I am delighted about partnering with Muscat Municipality for launching this initiative. This collaboration reinforces our unwavering commitment to the community, as we embark on a journey of launching impactful initiatives which simultaneously contribute to the growth and prosperity of the nation. Nowadays, food trucks have been commonly and widely used by the youth across the country as they represent a tool for job seekers to set their own businesses. In addition, the regulations set for these types of businesses have greatly contributed to the stability and success of the initiative. Through this visionary initiative, we aim to achieve multiple social and economic advantages that will empower the Omani youth and open up for them new horizons towards the future. This endeavor is a testament to the Bank’s commitment to CSR, aiming to empower the entrepreneurial spirit and foster the development of a vibrant local economy. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Muscat Municipality for their support during the implementation phase of the initiative and contribution to its success.”

Bank Muscat has been showing strong and excellent presence in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR), demonstrated the launch of multiple community-driven programmes that have received positive feedback from public. Examples of the Bank’s sustainable initiatives comprise Tadhamun programme set to support social welfare and low-income families and which has served over 2000 families since its launch in 2013, the annual Green Sports programme that has so far benefitted 183 teams with over 50,000 team members across the Sultanate, and the Al Wathbah SME Academy which equips the Omani entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to support their businesses. As the leading financial institution in the country, the Bank constantly upholds its dedication to sustainability and community service through the ongoing launch of sustainable programmes and initiatives.

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