MHA hosts exclusive Swiss chocolate workshop with embassy support

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MUSCAT – The Muscat Hospitality Academy (MHA), with the support of Switzerland Embassy in Oman, is proud to announce the successful completion of an exclusive chocolate confectionery workshop. This unique event, held on the 21st and 22nd of February, featured the renowned Swiss chocolatier, Romain Leeman, who shared his expertise in crafting exquisite chocolate pralines, mousses, and ganache.

“The workshop with Romain Leeman not only showcased the finesse of Swiss chocolate making but also provided a hands-on experience for our participants to learn and indulge in the art of chocolate confectionery. This initiative underscores our commitment to offering diverse culinary experiences,” stated Ms. Ameena Al Zadjali, Founder & Chairperson of MHA Oman. The sessions attracted a mix of students and non-students, all eager to delve into the world of chocolate under the guidance of Chef Leeman. The workshop aimed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of chocolate confectionery, from the basics of selection and tempering to the intricate techniques of molding and filling.

Participants had the opportunity to engage directly with Chef Leeman, asking questions and gaining insights into the precision and creativity required in chocolate making. The Embassy of Switzerland’s support for this event highlighted the importance of cultural exchange and culinary diplomacy. A participant praised the workshop, noting, “The experience was not just educational but truly delightful. The expertise of Chef Leeman and the support from the Swiss Embassy made this an unforgettable event.”

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