Meethaq Easy Payment Plan helps parent purchase educational devices 

by | Dec 16, 2020

MUSCAT – Meethaq, the Islamic banking from Bank Muscat, has announced the availability of the Easy Payment Plan (EPP) for its credit cardholders. The EPP scheme is particularly useful for parents who are planning to buy electronic devices like computers, tablets and laptops so that their children can attend online classes.

The special scheme for purchase of educational devices is offered under the guidance of the Ministry of Education and enables Meethaq Credit Cardholders to buy suitable devices through the Shari’a-compliant plan. They can repay the amount in monthly installments conveniently over a period of 12 months and at 0% profit rate. Each time a purchase is made through EPP, the available limit in the credit card account will be reduced by an amount equal in value to the purchase. However, with every monthly payment, the available balance will increase by that amount. The scheme is available through participating merchants, which include some of the biggest electronics retailers in the country. Customers are not required to provide any additional documents and the scheme ensures affordability for educational devices which are needed for online classes. 

Meethaq Credit Cards provide convenience and flexibility for customers in their day-to-day transactions at shopping malls, restaurants or holidays abroad. They offer an array of features and benefits, including wide acceptance, contactless payments, 24/7 customer service, OTP service for online transactions, SMS alerts and up to 52 days of 0% profit rate credit period. Meethaq offers a range of credit cards with different features and benefits as per the needs of its personal banking customers. These include the Hafawa Visa Signature Credit Card, the Titanium MasterCard Credit Card and the Standard MasterCard Credit Card. All cards offer unmatched Shari’a compliant services and are based on the concept of Ujrah with no interest-based fee being charged on the card.

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