Mall of Muscat to host Lulu Hypermarket’s ‘Lulu Let’s Grill’ event from January 25 to 27

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MUSCAT –  Mall of Muscat is gearing up to welcome the popular ‘Lulu Let’s Grill’ event, organised by Lulu Hypermarkets, from January 25th to 27th. The BBQ fest offers a stage for Omani chefs to showcase their skills and delight visitors with much-loved local dishes.

Celebrating Omani culinary excellence, ‘Lulu Let’s Grill’ highlights the rich and vibrant flavours brought forth by local SMEs. Having commenced at Lulu Bausher, ‘Lulu Let’s Grill’ will also take place at Lulu Al Amerat in the capital region, with plans to extend to the interior regions later. Mall of Muscat takes pride in facilitating this event, supporting the Lulu group’s commitment to fostering Omani culinary talents.

A spokesperson for Mall of Muscat commented, “We are thrilled to host the ‘Lulu Let’s Grill’ event, a remarkable celebration of Omani culinary heritage and innovation. We see it has an opportunity for the community to engage, enjoy and explore the diverse culinary landscape of Oman. Our collaboration with Lulu Hypermarkets exemplifies our commitment to supporting local talent and offering memorable experiences to our visitors.”

The Mall of Muscat, with its extensive offerings, serves as the perfect backdrop for the ‘Lulu Let’s Grill’ event, embodying more than just a venue for an enjoyable outing with food and fun. It stands as a symbol of cultural diversity, entrepreneurial spirit, and a kaleidoscope of flavours. This event aligns seamlessly with the Mall’s ethos of providing diverse experiences – from its wide-ranging shopping options to its culinary delights and adventure-filled attractions. Here, the celebration of Omani culinary arts at ‘Lulu Let’s Grill’ complements the Mall’s commitment to showcasing the richness of local culture and the vibrancy of international influences, making it a true representation of the Mall of Muscat’s spirit.

The Mall of Muscat, a beacon of retail, leisure, food, and adventure in Oman, offers an unparalleled experience, combining shopping, entertainment, and thrill-seeking adventures in one grand locale. Spanning over 200,000 square meters and hosting more than 240 brands, it caters to every shopping need, enhanced by the convenience of ample parking. The leisure experiences are equally diverse, featuring the largest aquarium in the Middle East, Oman Aquarium, and an advanced cinematic experience at Novo Cinema. Culinary delights abound with a wide range of international cuisines. Fashion enthusiasts find their paradise here, with an array of choices from budget-friendly to luxury brands. Adventure is redefined with Fun VR, Oman’s leading Virtual Reality Gaming Arena, Fabyland’s varied attractions for younger guests, and Xtreme Zone’s active play areas. Mall of Muscat is an extraordinary journey of joy, luxury, and excitement, inviting visitors to immerse in an experience like no other.

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