Madayn and its investment arm implement more than 30 vital projects

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MUSCAT – The Public Establishment for Industrial Estates “Madayn” has attracted and localised 130 industrial, commercial and service projects during the first quarter of 2022 with an investment value touching RO 64 million and a total area of 818,000 sqm, informed Hilal bin Hamad Al Hasani, CEO of Madayn.

Madayn, directly or through Mubadrah and Shumookh Investment and Services, is currently implementing more than 30 vital projects of consultancy works and infrastructure projects distributed over 11 industrial cities with a total cost surpassing RO 200 million. The total cost of construction services of the industrial cities’ projects exceeds RO 100 million spread across eight industrial cities.According to Al Hasani, Madayn is completing the infrastructure works for the expansion of phase 7 in Suhar Industrial City at a total cost surpassing RO13 million. This project, which has reached 77% of completion rate, involves completing the remaining works of phase 7, setting up water tanks, connecting main water line, fencing and security gates. Work is also underway to complete construction of power plant, implementing irrigation networks, and water and sewage networks.

Moreover, the expansion project of Nizwa Industrial City (Phases 3 & 4), which is valued at RO 5.5 million, has reached 77.6% of completion rate in infrastructure works on an area of one million sqm. Most of road works, electrical connections and remaining excavation works are in progress.

Madayn is also continuing with infrastructure development project at Sur Industrial City, informed Al Hasani, as the completion rate of this project has reached more than 75 percent. This project constitutes of road construction, surface water drainage, drainage channels, water-supply infrastructure, switchgear system, supply and installation of low voltage cables, supply and installation of solar street light system, and potable water network.

Madayn has also begun to implement infrastructure related roads and services at Mahas Industrial City at a total value of more than RO 4.5 million. Madayn has completed awarding the infrastructure development tender in the industrial city of an area of more than 1 million sqm. This project comprises road works, rain drainage networks, sewage networks and water networks.
As for Al Buraimi Industrial City, Madayn is implementing the infrastructure development project in phases 1 and 2 at a total cost exceeding RO 5 million with a completion rate touching 30 percent. This includes the implementation of sewage treatment plant with a capacity of 400m2, road rehabilitation works, water supply distribution network, electrical works, street lighting (85 lighting poles) for phase 2. Work is underway to complete the sewage plant and rainwater drainage networks.

The CEO of Madayn stated that the project of developing Ibri Industrial City (Phase 1) is valued at RO 9 million and includes road works, and services network such as sewage, rain and telecom networks, and wadi protection walls. It should be noted that solar lighting poles are being used in 303 poles. The project is progressing as per the scheduled and approved time by the consultant and Madayn.

Among the key projects that Madayn has commenced to implement is the Ring Road project and its associated services at a total value touching RO 7 million. This project has touched 20 percent of completion rate and includes road works, solar lighting, rainwater drainage, sewage network, water network, firefighting system, electrical works, CCTV, and pedestrian and cycling paths. Work is also moving ahead with the construction of KOM 6 building, which will add more than 40,000 sqm of rentable office space adopting latest specifications.

Meanwhile, Madayn has completed several key projects, which include the project of developing Al Mazunah Free Zone (Phase 1, Package 2 and Phase 2) at a total value reaching RO 6 million. The project includes road construction, sidewalks, water tanks and network, irrigation network, road lighting, and electricity and drainage networks.

Madayn has also completed infrastructure construction project at Samail Industrial City with a total value touching RO 40 million. Road works have been completed on a length of 46.290 km, and infrastructure services have been implemented such as water, electricity, and telephone networks, sewage plant with a capacity of 3600 m3 for phase one, and two water tanks each with a capacity of 2500 m3. The construction of the Facility Building in Samail Industrial City has also been completed on a total area of more than 16,000 sqm. Additionally, Raysut Industrial City (Raysut 2) expansion project has been completed with a total value of RO 3 million. The infrastructure of the industrial city was developed by constructing roads, sidewalks, pedestrian paths, water networks, firefighting system, sewage network, water drainage channels, electrical works for road lighting, sewage plant, irrigation and landscaping works.

Besides, Madayn has initiated Masar Service Centres in all of its industrial cities and they are currently operating and delivering a lineup of services to the investors. Masar presents an integrated platform to meet the requirements of investors for their projects in terms of licenses and approvals under one roof and within a specific timeframe.

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