Lynk and Co drives excitement at Oman National Corporate Day Golf Tournament

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MUSCAT – Towell Group’s automotive, Lynk & Co, took center stage as a Platinum sponsor at the prestigious Oman National Corporate Day Golf Tournament, held at the esteemed Ghala Golf Club in Muscat. This event, dedicated to celebrating the spirit of corporate camaraderie, saw Lynk & Co make a mark with its dynamic participation and vibrant presence.

Lynk & Co is a premium global automobile brand jointly owned by Volvo and Geely. In Oman, Lynk & Co operates under a new line of auto business ‘Mobility Auto LLC’ from Towell Group. The brand’s latest performance sedans 03 & 03+ and SUVs 01,05 & 09 are already making waves on the roads, offering Omani motorists an unparalleled driving experience with a focus on safety and peace of mind. Lynk & Co continues to redefine the automotive experience in Oman with its European design and technology. With innovation, connectivity, and sustainability at its core, Lynk & Co aims to offer exceptional driving experiences to people worldwide.

The National Corporate Day in Oman serves as a significant platform for businesses to come together, fostering networking, camaraderie, and opportunities for partnerships. Golf aligns seamlessly with Lynk & Co’s commitment to connectivity, embodying the brand’s mission to provide mobility solutions and unite communities. Ghala Golf Club, the venue for the event, stands as the oldest and most popular golf club in Oman. 

The eventful day unfolded with energetic swings and a collective spirit, as Lynk & Co proudly showcased its commitment to excellence and innovation. The Lynk & Co Team at Mobility Auto Centre was not only thrilled but also inspired by the moments of triumph that resonated throughout the day. The event served as a perfect platform to highlight Lynk & Co’s dedication to fostering connections and making a positive impact in the community.

The Lynk & Co booth became a hub of excitement, with satisfied customers sharing their stories and experiences with the Lynk & Co team. The impressive lineup of Lynk & Co models on the lush greens, including the striking 05 & 09, 03+, stole the spotlight and reflected the brand’s cutting-edge designs. Adding to the excitement, was a raffle draw organized at the Lynk & Co table. The announcement of the two lucky winners receiving Lynk & Co collectors miniature cars added an extra layer of joy to the day. This gesture further highlighted Lynk & Co’s commitment to engaging with its audience and creating memorable experiences.

The National Corporate Day 2023 event program was well-attended, featuring esteemed guests, including H.E Majid Al Bahri, the Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Education for Administrative and Financial Affairs. The evening included speeches, Lynk & Co-sponsored raffle draw, prize distribution and a delightful dinner. Plaques of appreciation were also presented to all the sponsors. Mr. Riyadh Ali Sultan, General Manager, Towell Auto Group thanked the organizers and added,” It is an honor to be here with you all. The Lynk & Co team is delighted to be a platinum sponsor, and we extend our special thanks to the organizers for crafting such an incredible and memorable event. Our commitment remains constant—to bring world-class driving experiences to the people of Oman.”

Lynk & Co’s participation in the Oman National Corporate Day Golf Tournament showcased not only its commitment to excellence and innovation but also its dedication to creating lasting connections within the community, thereby fostering opportunities for networking and quality time. The event reaffirmed the significant role golf plays in fostering business relationships and character building, reinforcing Lynk & Co’s position as a beacon of automotive excellence in the Sultanate of Oman. As Lynk & Co continues to drive excitement on and off the roads, the brand remains synonymous with automotive excellence and community engagement in Oman.

Lynk & Co wholeheartedly commits to offering a world-class ownership experience to the people of Oman. With a focus on customer satisfaction and unmatched after-sales support, Lynk & Co ensures that every customer embarks on a journey of excellence. The brand invites all automotive enthusiasts to visit the new showroom located in Muscat’s Ghala Heights or call at Ph: 7161 1137 to explore the remarkable vehicles. Witness the future of automotive innovation with Lynk & Co. 
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