Lulu’s ‘Proudly from Oman’ campaign to boost consumer confidence on local products

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MUSCAT – In a bid to emphasise the importance of local products and making them the primary choice of consumers, Lulu Hypermarket has collaborated with various government entities to promote Omani products across the region. The “Proudly from Oman” promotion was held in Lulu hypermarkets across Oman, including outlets at Baushar, Al Bandar, Darsait, Nizwa, Salalah, Barka, Suweiq, Sohar and others, with the Khasab location starting this week.

The campaign at Lulu Sohar was inaugurated by Faisal Abdullah Al Rowas, Chairman of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and at other Lulu outlets by the Walis and dignitaries of the respective governorates.

The promotion is being held across the country to encourage consumers to patronize and prioritize locally manufactured goods in the market. This is also a platform providing endorsement and support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to expand their markets by connecting with the public and introducing their products and other businesses to them, thus supporting the economy.

Ananth A V, Director of LuLu Hypermarkets Oman & India, stated “We are glad to launch this initiative to promote local products, which will directly contribute to the national economy and fast track the concept of ICV to a great extent. This not only helps SMEs to market and sell their products but also enables potential buyers and consumers to explore a wide range of unique products from Oman. Over the years, we have noticed that more and more people prefer local products owing to their quality and shorter transit periods. We thank the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for helping us organize this event to spread awareness on the importance of supporting Omani products among the public,” he said.

Shabeer K A, Regional Director – Lulu Hypermarkets, Oman, stated, “The Proudly from Oman concept has been launched in line with our commitment to encourage customers to buy local products because we believe it not only fosters the manufacturing sector, but also provides the window to develop local communities and their participation in nation building. It’s important to support our local businesses and entrepreneurs and this event is nothing but an opportunity to boost the local economy.”

“We hope this will contribute to generating a wider market for Omani products, and the customers will appreciate the opportunity to try local products. Through this campaign, citizens, residents and visitors can get acquainted with the high quality and uncompromising standards of locally manufactured goods.”

A wide range of products, including agro products such as spices, fruits and vegetables; pickles, sweets, honey, pastries, and other handicraft items, were promoted as part of this initiative.

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