Lulu ‘Mango Mania’ lures lovers of the juicy delight

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MUSCAT – Lulu Hypermarket Oman has launched the ‘Mango Mania’, a delectable occasion for mango lovers from every corner of the country to unite and revel in the succulent glory of this juicy golden fruit. The mango festival will be held from May 11-18, 2023 across all Lulu stores in Oman as a celebration of the goodness of the King of Fruits.

The event, which was inaugurated by H.E Amit Narang, Indian Ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman, on May 11, 2024, will showcase some of the sweetest, juiciest mangoes brought in from all over the world. The yearly event is an attraction for both locals and expatriates alike to indulge in the flavors of the best mangoes.

Speaking on the occasion, the Ambassador underscored the importance of the annual Lulu Mango Mania festival.  He expressed his sincere appreciation to Lulu for curating a selection of over 75 distinct varieties of mangoes, aptly named the “King of Fruits,” for the customers.  The Ambassador further remarked on the widespread appreciation for Indian mangoes amongst Lulu’s clientele, highlighting their prominent position on customer palettes.  He concluded by warmly acknowledging the presence of Yusuff Ali M.A., Chairman and Managing Director of Lulu Group.

“We see ourselves as a responsible entity, and that means offering not just a wide range of products, but also offering a dynamic and engaging shopping experience. Strategic promotions and events like ‘Mango Mania’ are key to achieving this. We’re confident these initiatives will drive high customer involvement, and we’re showcasing a wide selection from across the world.” Yusuff Ali M.A., told reporters at the inauguration of ‘Mango Mania’ festival. 

Be it just a juicy slice, or blended into a refreshing smoothie, or incorporated into decadent mouth-watering desserts, the ‘Mango Mania’ is the perfect opportunity for customers to relish some of the special mango treats in the hot food, bakery, sweets and pickles section. Special mango delicacies, pickled mangoes, as well as mango preserves, smoothies, pulps, juices, jellies, and jams will also be available during the promotion.

For this year’s fest, Lulu has stacked up its aisles with a wide range of juicy and scrumptious mangoes from several countries, namely India, Yemen, Thailand, Spain, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Kenya, and Uganda. Locally grown mangoes from Oman will also be part of the event.

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H.E Amit Narang, Indian Ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman inaugurating the Mango Mania at the Lulu Hypermarket, Avenues Mall, Baushar in the presence of Yusuff Ali M.A., Chairman and Managing Director of Lulu Group, Ashraf Ali M.A, Lulu Executive Director, Ananth A.V., Lulu Oman Director, Shabeer K.A., Lulu Oman Regional Director and other officials.

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