Khalil Al Khonji

A Month of Happiness

By Khalil Al Khonji Unity in the Holy Month The Holy Month is a magical month that brings people of all walks together. Ramadan is a month that nurtures goodness, strengthens relationships and unites them. Fasting brings people together in a spiritual effort to...

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Social media, the new and most-effective vehicle

By Khalil Al Khonji Look around you and see how several prominent global leaders are using social media – such as twitter and other platforms -- to their advantage. There are many who are able to remain constantly in the public eye by using only social media...

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Changing the mindset

By Khalil Al Khonji Transformation! Transformation as a socio-economic movement has the potential to bring about positive, vibrant, vision-driven and groundbreaking success in business practices. The implementation of the ideas generated by the Transformation Movement...

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