JAC Oman launches “Generosity Meets Affordable Drives” campaign

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MUSCAT – JAC Oman unveils its distinctive campaign, “Generosity Meets Affordable Drives.” This initiative embodies JAC’s unwavering commitment to social responsibility, weaving the cherished values of care, generosity, and community well-being into the core of its operations, resonating with the profound spirit of Ramadan.

The campaign underscores JAC Oman’s dedication to democratizing car ownership across Oman’s diverse socio-economic landscape. By presenting a compelling combination of affordability, superior quality, and innovative technology, JAC Oman positions itself as a beacon of accessible luxury and unwavering reliability, mirroring the sacred spirit of Ramadan.

Embracing the spirit of Ramadan, JAC Oman extends a warm invitation to all citizens and residents to partake in the “Generosity Meets Affordable Drives” campaign. This Ramadan, discover the joy of owning a new JAC vehicle through unparalleled EMI deals starting from a remarkable RO 55. Explore JAC’s outstanding selection, featuring the compact S3 SUV, the elegant J7 sedan, the adventure-ready T8 pickup truck, or the all-new JS6, all offering a perfect blend of affordability, elegance, and functionality.

JAC’s comprehensive portfolio caters to a wide range of needs. Headlining this Ramadan is the all-new JAC JS6, a feature-packed, technologically advanced SUV that’s perfect for growing families and those seeking a blend of style and practicality. The JAC JS6 boasts a striking design with a bold front grille, LED headlights and taillights, and a spacious, comfortable interior. Under the hood, the JS6 packs a powerful engine that delivers an exhilarating performance, while a suite of advanced safety features ensures every drive is a confident one. Experience unparalleled visibility with the 360° Panoramic Images system, and bathe in the natural light streaming through the Panoramic Sunroof. The JS6 also boasts Wireless Charging, ensuring your devices stay powered up for seamless connectivity on the go.

Similarly, safety is never a compromise in the JS6. It boasts a stellar C-NCAP 5 Star Rating, testifying to its robust construction. Adding another layer of security are features like the Tailgate Escape System for emergencies, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM), and Hill Start Assist (HMA), transform the future in motion on every journey.

The decision to purchase a JAC JS6 or any JAC vehicle is further bolstered by the promise of peace of mind, embodied in the extensive manufacturer’s warranty that spans 6 years or 200,000 kilometers for passenger vehicles, and a commendable 5 years or 250,000 kilometers for JAC trucks. This comprehensive warranty, complemented by six years of complimentary AAA roadside assistance, underscores JAC’s commitment to ensuring a worry-free ownership experience, offering indispensable support whenever it’s needed.

Understanding the financial considerations that accompany Ramadan, JAC Oman has thoughtfully decided to cover the cost of the first year’s private vehicle registration. This gesture aims to alleviate financial pressures and allow customers to fully immerse themselves in the joyous celebrations with loved ones.

The “Generosity Meets Affordable Drives” campaign continues until April 26, 2024. Visit your nearest JAC Oman showroom and immerse yourself in the spirit of Ramadan with a brand-new JAC vehicle. Explore the exceptional deals, find the perfect fit for your needs, and celebrate the holy month with a touch of joy and convenience.

JAC Oman encourages everyone to explore our exceptional deals, discover the vehicle that best suits your needs and lifestyle, and embrace the joy and convenience that come with being part of the JAC family. This initiative is not merely about driving home in a new car—it’s about starting a new journey with confidence, backed by the quality and care that JAC is renowned for, enhancing the Ramadan celebrations with a sense of achievement and happiness.

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