JAC commercial vehicles offer highly efficient and cost-effective solutions for businesses

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Thanks to its one hundred million US dollars worth of world-class international R&D facility, JAC offers a range of commercial vehicles specifically designed to provide highly efficient and cost-effective solutions for businesses. JAC’s commercial range consists of T8, M4 Panel Van, Titan LCV 3 Ton Double Cab and Titan LCV 3.5 Ton.

Upgrade your Choice with T8
JAC T8 comes in double cabin with 2WD & 4WD versions. T8 pickup adds value to your business by offering 900 KG payload at a top speed of 150 Km/h along with a generous warranty of 5 years or 200,000 KM, whichever comes first. The luxury variant adds style to your drives with elegant leather-like seats, xenon headlamps, and six speakers. As for safety, T8 offers a reversing camera, sidesteps, and roll bar for making your trips safe and comfortable.
Besides the standard hydraulic power steering covered with leather, JAC T8 underlines practically every detail – it even has a bed liner coating to safeguard against scratches while loading and unloading. T8 is also the perfect choice for your company fleet as it stands by your corporate commitment to the environment with Euro V emission standards.

M4 is Your Practical Cargo Carrier
The sturdiness and cargo space of M4 gives daily businesses an edge against the commercial industry. With 2390L of spacious cargo room, your business locomotion is easier and faster with a mechanical sliding door and independent rear air-conditioning system.
With a comfortable space of fabric seats, a built-in 4-speaker system, and phone connectivity; JAC M4 is not only a high-end commercial vehicle but also comfortably high-performing as well. The airbags for the driver and passenger make it a safer drive. The powerful manual transmission gives you more control with a top speed of 160 Km/h. JAC’s 5 years or 150,000 KMS (whichever comes earlier) guarantee ensures your business never stops and your vehicle stays safe.

Titan 3 Ton Double Cabin
JAC 3 Ton Titan trucks have been one of the edgiest trucks for commercial use, being under the price range of a pickup truck and the max speed of 120 km/h combined with a fuel tank capacity of 100L, making the truck more lucrative for business than any other type of vehicle.
JAC Titan trucks are made to serve your business needs without costing you the hefty locomotive costs. The 3 Ton Titan trucks are built to handle loads of your equipment and shipments up to 2890 kgs. Which is an average payload amount shipped for small businesses.

Titan 3.5 Ton
With an excess payload handling ability being 3205 kg, JAC 3.5 Titan trucks are made to take heftier loads than the normal carriers. With the upgraded braking system of air brakes, the 3.5 ones ensure safety and load management for businesses that need to get quicker and more shipments.
The powerful turbo-engine of a 3.8L diesel engine and 141hp (at 2600rpm), ensures fast-paced locomotion with higher payload capacity and powerful drives. Meeting the international standards of safety and luxury, JAC Titan Trucks are loved across Oman and preferred by business owners.

To book a test drive : https://jacoman.com/en/

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