Indian yoga expert awarded honorary doctorate from US Yoga University

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MUSCAT: Eminent yoga expert and community work connoisseur Kavitha Ramakrishna has been awarded honorary doctorate from the Yoga University of the Americas in Florida for her service in the field of yoga and social services.

Yoga University of the Americas is an institution of higher learning incorporated at USA and authorised by commission for independent education under Florida Statue to conduct education programmes and award doctoral masters and other degrees.

The university’s citation said, “We the Chancellor, Vice chancellor and the member of the Academic Council of Yoga University of the Americas do hereby make known that Kavitha Ramakrishna has been conferred Doctor of Letters (Honor’s Causa). With all the rights, honours and privileges pertaining to this degree, in the testimony whereof, we have subscribed our names and cause the seals of the University for the contribution at the field of social service and yoga.”

For the last many years Kavitha has been working hard to promote yoga, art and culture, in particular as an author of a book ‘Tamoghna’ and by indulging in community work. Kavitha’s expertise in yoga, community work, Tanjore art, Sanskrit language dissemination, writing and dedication as an educator has made household name especially in Oman and India.

On receiving the doctorate, Kavitha said, “I am profoundly honoured to be awarded this honorary degree from the Yoga University of the Americas in Florida. I humbled and grateful to them for recognising my work. This encourages me to work harder and make a positive difference to make a lasting contribution in these fields for the benefit of the whole community. My objective is to continue transforming the society with arts and culture by contributing to an open, knowledgeable and creative society in all ways possible.”

Her book ‘Tamoghna’ released in 2019 which elucidates the science behind surya namaskar (salutations to the sun) received rave reviews for its expansive research and wide-ranging information. Last year, Kavitha submitted her research paper on the formidable therapeutic technique surya namaskar to the World Health Organisation (WHO) at Geneva. Her research paper evaluated applicable and relevant information on surya namaskar the exciting technique within the yogic repertoire.

To endorse and inspire healthy practice, Kavitha often shares her knowledge, experience and expertise through special workshops organised for cross section of people on the benefits of yoga and surya namaskar. In June 2020, to commemorate the International Yoga Day, she was invited as a guest speaker by the Indian Embassy to speak on the topic ‘Yoga for Women’s Well Being’.

Kavitha has collaborated with India’s Ministry of AYUSH as part of the ministry’s effort to safeguard the optimal development and propagation of yoga.

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