“If we stick together, there isn’t a challenge that we cannot overcome”

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Diya Lakshmi Jithesh
Class 6 A, Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir (OMAN)

I remember staring blankly at the computer screen for some time and I think I just froze for a few moments. And in those few moments, I also don’t remember hearing what my teacher had said then because, like I said, everything went blank. And then slowly, my focus returned and I began to understand what was happening.

It felt a bit weird at the start

Yes, my first few moments with the online class felt a bit odd. Maybe, I am so used to my regular classroom sessions with my teachers that when we went online, somehow everything seemed so different. So much so I did not understand what was happening for the first few moments. Then slowly, I began to feel okay and after some more moments of hesitation I began to get the hang of it. So, in the first few moments, there was a bit of confusion during my online classes and then everything cleared up.

Only the first few moments

I don’t know about other students, but for me, the first few moments felt a bit weird. But within the first day, rather the first hour itself, I realised that online classes weren’t all that bad.

I did go blank at the start. But that was only at the beginning. After that it was like as though I have been attending online classes all my life.

Great study platforms

In fact, I feel that online classes are great study platforms and they have been our saviours during this pandemic period. Because of COVID-19, we have to stay home and be safe. Although I admit that it felt really weird to be part of an online class at the very beginning, within the next half an hour or so, I got used to it completely and began to appreciate it very much.

Online classes brought us close to technology

Every day the online classes have turned to provide more fun and exciting than the earlier sessions. Online learning is fun.

As we went along, I also realised that we can learn something more than regular studies during online classes – and that something is technology. Going online brought me much closer to technology than I would ever have, especially at my age.

Want to be with my friends

But, I must confess that I really miss being part of my regular classes. Especially, the physical education periods as well as a few other classes too. That is the dilemma that I am in. However much I love the online classes, I still feel more than a bit sad that I am not able to be with my school friends. How I wish that I could just be with them! I miss all my moments with them!

Miss regular school

I also miss going to school on the school bus with all of my friends each morning. Actually, this is a major part of ‘going-to-school’ that I am missing.

During the online class, you cannot just unmute your microphone and talk to your friend since that would disrupt the class. But, in a regular class, you can just duck your head and speak to your best schoolmate and even share a laugh.

Nothing can beat a regular class

Not that we don’t have our share of fun during an online class. But, nothing can beat the fun of attending a regular class or the thrill of going to school and returning home each day. There are so many fun-related, exciting and engaging activities to do every time on the way to school, at school and on the way back from school.

Teachers must be appreciated

But, then online learning brings about a totally different type of experience and it is equally fun to learn all these new things.

All of the teachers in different schools have tried their best to make us students comfortable with the online classes and succeeded. And we must appreciate them for this.

Our responsibility too

I also feel that it is not just the responsibility of our parents or teachers alone to protect us from the virus. We, the students, must also do everything to protect others and ourselves from this terrible pandemic. And we should also be aware of what this corona virus is all about and how it has changed the world order.

Let’s be part of the solution

As students, we have our own share of tensions and everything is new for us; we are going through so many new experiences. But, as responsible students, we should also be alert and active and do our bit in this fight against the corona virus. Our teachers and our parents are all tensed up as they have so many other battles to fight too. We can no longer act as though the problems that our elders are facing are only theirs; let us in our own small way, assist them and be responsible and be part of the solution than the problem, as our teachers often used to tell us.

Stay home, stay safe

And as children, the best way to do that is to follow all the instructions and make sure that we stay home so that we can be safe. We must take extra care to maintain a hygienic way of life. If we all stick together, there is nothing in this word that we cannot overcome. We will succeed in our efforts.

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