Human Resource Development: a cornerstone of Bank Muscat’s Success

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MUSCAT – Bank Muscat continues to harvest the benefit in the field of human resource development. The Bank’s success in this field stems from the implementation of plans and strategies that contribute to strengthening its role as a trusted and supportive partner for its employees throughout their career.

The Bank makes strenuous efforts to provide a nurturing work environment to enhance employee performance and enable them to advance professionally in various sections, thus, motivating them to serve individual and corporate customers in translation of the Bank’s vision “To serve you better every day.” The Bank has over 4,000 staff members employed at the various branches and departments, with a total Omanisation rate of 93 percent. It is worth noting that the Omanisation percentage at the Bank’s 183 branches distributed across the Sultanate hits 100 percent. Today, Muscat Bank is proud to be a preferred workplace in Oman.

Bank Muscat has recently organised a media visit for a group of journalists and media personnel representing various media institutions to highlight the Bank’s role its HR development. The media visit aimed to shed light on the importance of human resources in the Bank’s path to success over the past 40 years. During the event, a presentation was given to introduce the audience to Bank Muscat’s contributions to human resource development and creation of a motivating work environment that enhances employee performance and efficiency. Human resource development represents a core element of the Bank’s leadership considering that employees are central pillars on which the Bank’s growth and progress stand. The visit represented a platform for journalists to ask questions and inquiries, meet and exchange conversations with the Bank’s officials. Therefore, the event was organised out of the Bank’s keenness to introduce the community to its role in HR development and to strengthen its partnership with various media outlets, as they are a fundamental partner in the Bank’s journey of success and progress.

During the media visit, the Bank’s officials emphasised the significant role that the human resources play in supporting Bank Muscat’s journey as an employer of choice for Omani talents. The Bank is dedicated to developing employee capabilities and experience as well as equipping them with the necessary expertise and skills to create broad opportunities for career advancement and prosperity. These efforts also provide new horizons for the Omani youth to experience professional growth throughout their career path as they continue learning and developing their capabilities in the workplace. As a result, the level of customer service enhances. Furthermore, Bank Muscat has implemented a strategic plan and well-considered policies that aim to achieve success and accomplishments in human resource development. 

Speaking about the event, Said bin Salim Al Aufi, General Manager, Human Resources and Administrative, Bank Muscat, reported: “I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation to all journalists and media representatives, for their partnership and ongoing cooperation in making the Bank’s events a great success. Our media partners play a crucial role in introducing customers to the Bank’s latest advancements in the human resource development, emphasising that all employees are Bank Muscat’s valuable and core assets and they represent the robust foundation of its success. The Bank’s employees dedicate their energies and capabilities to elevate the Bank and reinforce its leadership.” 

Said Al Aufi added: “The Bank is committed to constantly implementing its development strategy designed to nurture and empower the Omani youth to become fully qualified at work in order to achieve their aspirations. In this regard, the Bank offers training programmes and workshops to all employees across different banking-related specialisations and fields in cooperation with local & international professional institutions. I would like to extend my appreciation to all these institutions for their support in partnering with us.”

The General Manager further explained: “The Bank places great emphasis on its human assets, prioritising individuals with professional expertise as strategised in Oman Vision 2040 which emphasises human resource development as a key pillar. The Bank’s commitment to providing employees with all modern means and comforts in the workplace results in the creation of an environment that encourages productivity and employee growth. Underscoring its dedication to developing its employees to unleash their creative energies, the Bank will continue the implementation of programmes and strategic plans that contribute to the advancement of its human resources. 

Over the years, Bank Muscat has been committed to fostering an exemplary work environment to deliver the best services and facilities to individual and corporate customers alike. As a result, the Bank has become the preferred workplace for a large number of Omani youth. In recognition of its leadership stance, the Bank has recently been listed among the best places to work for 2024 by “Best Places to Work,” a prestigious and reputable global organisation based in the United Kingdom. This accrediting body recognises institutions that meet the standards required in human resource practices with focus on enhancing employee experience in the workplace, which includes measuring organisational work culture and employee satisfaction using rigorous and accurate evaluation methodologies. The selection of Bank Muscat amongst the best workplaces stems from its dedication to the human resources development.

In addition, Bank Muscat offers a range of financial benefits and incentives aiming to achieve career stability, including health insurance for employees and their family. The Bank has adopted a strategic plan to develop Omani human resources as the cornerstone upon which the Bank’s successes are built across various specialisations. Underscoring its commitment to developing the capabilities and skills of its employees, the Bank offers employees training programmes, scholarships, and learning opportunities to encourage them to achieve high performance and professional advancement throughout their career journey. 

Further to that, Bank Muscat, through its “Jadara Academy,” places great emphasis on training opportunities for its employees. The Academy represents the Bank’s platform of human resource development, contributing to the enhancement of staff competencies through the annual launch of training programmes. These programmes aim to empower employees to fulfill their responsibilities and provide them with the opportunity to assume leadership positions in the future. The Bank is also committed to providing the necessary facilities and the latest technology to keep pace with the increasing global trends, which contributes to the development of employee performance. 

Throughout the past year until the end of February 2024, Bank Muscat, represented by the Academy’s Training and Development Department, organised training programmes with 48,800 training seats offered to employees who could get enrolled to more than one specialised training programme and course. The Academy launched specialised workshops for 365 employees to obtain professional certificates. In addition, Bank Muscat offers many opportunities for employees to pursue their university studies and obtain specialised certificates by providing scholarships in the Sultanate, abroad, or online. The Bank encourages and supports employees on their career journey by empowering them with the appropriate knowledge tools. In 2023, the Bank provided 85 scholarships for employees to complete their postgraduate studies in their various specialisations, in cooperation with a number of prestigious universities inside and outside the Sultanate.

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