Geely Auto and Towell Auto Center launches a range of new Vehicles in Oman

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MUSCAT – Geely Motors and Towell Auto Center (TAC) together launched a whole range of new vehicles – the All-New CoolRay, the All-New Emgrand, the All-New Okavango, and the All- New Azakarra.

The exclusive car launch event, held recently at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Muscat, Oman, witnessed imaginations reaching infinite levels with the unveiling of these vehicles. The theme of the event was “Infinite Imaginations”, which symbolizes Geely’s commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring endless possibilities with forward-looking technologies and systemic advantages that Oman is about to witness.

On behalf of Towell Auto center and distinguished guests from Geely Motors, Riyadh Ali Sultan, General Manager of Towell Auto Centre welcomed everyone to the event and expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to showcase Geely’s innovative and technologically advanced cars in Oman.

Geely and TAC are proud to bring the All-New CoolRay, the All-New Emgrand, The All-New Okavango, and the All-New Azakarra is the latest additions to Geely’s lineup of exceptional automobiles. These vehicles are designed to offer the ultimate driving experience, combining cutting-edge technology, advanced safety features, and unparalleled comfort. All-New Emgrand, a sedan that is set to redefine the driving experience, and the All-New Coolray, the first overseas SUV born from the BMA platform, both were unveiled at the event. All- New Okavango is a seven-seater vehicle that offers ample space for families, creating uncompromised memories. With its advanced safety features,. Advance technologies, modern design, combined with exceptional performance, makes it a top choice for families looking for a reliable and stylish vehicle. The All-New Azakarra is a premium SUV that combines power and elegance, with a spacious and luxurious interior, outstanding performance, and exceptional safety features. Geely’s new range of vehicles models embodies bold styling, high quality, superior performance, and smart interiors.

The launch event also marked the debut of Geely’s new visual identity, which is embodied in products as well as their new logo. The new logo inherits and extends the visual DNA of the Geely brand, signifying the brand’s evolution and readiness to serve the Omani market with exceptional automobiles. The launch event was attended by several dignitaries and guests. The speech of GU Xiaen (Alex), Deputy General Manager of Geely Auto Middle East, was screened during the event where he highlighted the collaboration between Geely and TAC and how it is a coming together of two visionary organisations to deliver the best-in-class automobile experience to people in the Sultanate of Oman. “Together, we are pushing the boundaries of smart mobility solutions, setting new benchmarks for the future of transportation, all to be available in Oman,” he said. He further expressed Geely’s excitement about bringing their new visual identity and logo to Oman.

” The new logo shows a more ‘creative, vigorous, and imaginative’ Geely Auto. The new Geely, with its creativity, creates a product experience that exceeds users’ expectations. It explores more possibilities with infinite imagination and transforms imagination into reality through implementation of forward-looking technologies.” he said.

Riyadh Ali Sultan, General Manager of Towell Auto Centre (TAC) said,” We are confident that these All-new Geely cars will offer exceptional experiences that you will love. We invite you to witness the realization of Geely’s infinite imaginations and join us in exploring the boundless possibilities of the future of mobility.” The spokesperson for TAC then invited everyone to join them in having a first look at the cars and exploring the boundless possibilities of the future of mobility with Geely.

The launch event was a huge success, leaving attendees in awe as they marveled at the stunning new cars on display. It was a celebration of Geely and TAC’s shared vision of creating smart life through technology that redefines the driving experience with infinite imaginations. They expressed their gratitude to all their partners, customers, and employees who have supported them throughout the journey. With the launch of the new Revolutionary range of Vehicle such as All-New CoolRay, the All-New Emgrand, the All-New Okavango, and the All-New Azakarra, Geely and TAC have set a new benchmark for the automobile industry in Oman.

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