Every organisation has female employees, who are essential pillars: Safiya Hasan Al Balushi

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“There is no organisation or institution, whether governmental or private, which does not have female employees as essential pillars,” says Safiya Hasan Al Balushi.
Oman’s banks have embraced Omani women. Bank jobs suit Omani women; they seem to fit it into the role of banking with ease. Black & White features Safiya Hasan Al Balushi, manager, Bank Muscat, Al Tharmad Branch, North Batinah

Women capable of overcoming obstacles
“Women have proven that they are very capable of overcoming obstacles and growing even as they find the right balance between their professional and family responsibilities,” Safiya Al Balushi added.

Wholeheartedly participating in Vision 2040
“Omani women are wholeheartedly participating in Oman’s Vision 2040 that highlights the ambitions and goals to bring about a better future for Oman. I am certain that Omani women will continue their pursuit in achieving the best for our beloved country. I have no doubt that our children will be inspired by our work and our role, and show the same love and dedication to our country in the future.”

Omani Women’s Day
Referring to Omani Women’s Day, Safiya said that it is meant to appreciate every Omani woman. “It is a day dedicated by our dear departed leader, the late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said (May his soul rest in peace), to shed light on the important role of women in the development and progress of our beloved country.  “There is no organisation or institution, whether governmental or private, which does not have female employees as an essential pillar,” she reiterated.

Graduated with second rank
Safiya Al Balushi graduated from the Oman College of Management and Technology. “I majored in accounting and graduated with the second rank in my cohort.”

Role as branch manager
“After my graduation, I joined Bank Muscat. Today, my role as a branch manager focuses on following up on sales, attracting and encouraging more customers to use our services, maintaining good relationships, understanding the strategies and achieving sales’ goals, as well as managing the team in a successful way and making sure to achieve my goals.”

Measuring achievements
She said that she measured her achievements by how far she has managed to achieve the bank’s goals, and to do that with dedication and diligence while maintaining team spirit, respecting deadlines, and handling pressure.

More important role
“It is important to note that my role in society is not defined through my career alone. I have an even more important role as a proud mother of four. The role of women in raising future generations who will work hard to make this nation proud is a very important one. It is very important to note that countries, which are very advanced today, would not have reached their position without empowering women to handle different professions, projects and sectors.”

Many opportunities to grow
Safiya said her work in Bank Muscat has given her a lot in terms of opportunities to grow. “I also had the chance to undertake training programmes on optimum productivity and on how to overcome obstacles faced by women in reaching leadership positions. All of these programmes open wider horizons in the path of our female employees.”

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