Do good for the sake of it

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By Hatim Harith Al Abdissalaam

I was once at a social event when a young man approached me saying that he is my follower on social media. He continued by saying: I love the content on your page but I think you need to work on marketing yourself. I responded: thank you for your feedback, but I am actually not trying to market myself — I am marketing my ideas, as ideas last forever, while people don’t.

Good deeds will be recognised
I don’t think I am seeking the recognition of people more than seeking the recognition from the Creator of people. When you do genuine goodness in life, be rest assured that it will be recognised even after you pass away from this world.

But what if they are not?
I have always wondered about the nature of human beings and how Almighty God has created them in a unique and fascinating manner. This nature varies in different forms from one person to another, but somehow there are certain qualities that are unified and are shared in all humans.

Among these qualities is the quality of wanting to be recognised by others. I am yet to come across an individual who does not want to be recognised by others. This is not necessary a bad thing but in modern day life it has become an obsession in a frightening way. We strive in life to do good and to have achievements, and these achievements are best celebrated by the people around us who recognise our efforts and appreciate what we do. But what if we are not recognised and no one compliments us for what we do? Do we stop doing good?

Throughout history there was a segment of people known as hypocrites. They were easily recognised by their contradictions within themselves.

They tend to wear fake masks and pretend to be someone else. In today’s world people stopped labeling one another as hypocrites, they justify wearing a fake mask as a means to blend in society and market themselves in a presentable way.

With social media storming our world it has become very difficult to find people who are genuine and authentic. People are so different to the extent that they are willing to be and do anything just to be recognised and become famous. Don’t get me wrong I am not against the idea of fame but I have concerns towards people who are not genuine.

Fakes with designer labels
We strive so hard to earn material goods that are genuine and that carry a designer signature and we despise anything that is fake or cheap, on the other hand we don’t mind being fake ourselves and live a life of total illusion, deluding ourselves and deluding others along the way.

Alarming to see fakes getting popular
Oman has always been described by tourists as a genuine tourist destination, as it was able to maintain the culture and heritage for thousands of years, carrying unique values from one generation to another. It is somehow alarming to see the trend of fake people becoming more popular every single day, while the real heroes out there are no longer recognised by the community simply because they are genuine.

To conclude, live a life of fulfillment, strive to be genuine and do good for the sake of goodness not for the sake of recognition.

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