Do good for the sake of it

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By Hatim Harith Al Abdissalaam

Making this Ramadan the best ever
We are blessed to experience the month of Ramadan, the month of goodness and prosperity. Every year we witness this month in a different form. And the sheer goodness of it, never ceases to amaze us — in many ways. I personally think that there are many forms of goodness out there and we just have to be a little bit creative in choosing the right approach towards goodness, which is unique and has not been implemented before. We all know that goodness, whether it is in the month of Ramadan or any other month, is mainly concerned with the manner in which we put the wellbeing of others before our own.

Million ways to do it
When it comes to touching people’s lives there are a million ways to do it. This Ramadan I came across an NGO that has a wonderful initiative, which made me view this world in a totally different manner.

The initiative, basically, is to collect donations to free some prisoners who somehow failed to repay their debts.
At the outset, this might sound quite normal, but the unique motive behind it is simply beyond greatness. It expresses the highest level of mercy and compassion. The aim of this campaign is to allow young children and family members to celebrate Eid with their fathers who will be released out of prison. What a noble thing to do, especially in these blessed days!

Multiple rewards
And this brings me to the concept of multiple rewards. As believers, we associate everything good that we do in life with a reward, which is reflected in this life and has a multiple reflection in the hereafter. So basically every good thing a person does in this world, Almighty Allah will reward them in multiples of 10 times (or more) in the hereafter. We fail to understand many times that the mercy of Almighty God is beyond that and His generosity is unmatched and abundant.

No matter what we do Allah will always reward us more than what we deserve, which gives us the opportunity to take advantage of this and have multiple good intentions for everything we do, which will enable us to gain more rewards.
Let me elaborate with the example of freeing the prisoners that I just mentioned earlier.

When we intend to participate in the noble cause of freeing the prisoners we should have a number of intentions such as: freeing them, giving them a second chance, allowing them to be good citizens, fostering brotherhood, allowing them to spend time with their loved ones, bringing joy and smiles to the hearts of the young ones, reuniting them with their spouses, uniting broken families, bringing the bread winners back to the family, making them better believers, and enabling charity during the Holy Month and so on.

Wise way to invest
Now if you notice closely you will realise that the act is one but the intentions vary, which allows us to gain multiple rewards for every single intention and act that we made.

And it doesn’t stop at this point, but it continues every time something good happens to the family and you get your share of extra rewards. This is a very wise way to invest in our reward system in the hereafter and it doesn’t cost a thing!

Invest in yourself this Ramadan with various acts of goodness and serve others in whatever way you can as you never know, this might be your last Ramadan, so make sure it is your best Ramadan ever.

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