Dar Al Atta’a sponsors groundbreaking opportunities for students at MHA Oman

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MUSCAT – Dar Al Atta’a association signed with MHA Oman a memorandum of understanding to revolutionise opportunities for aspiring hospitality professionals in Oman. A signing ceremony underscored Dar Al Atta’a’s significant sponsorship contribution, illustrating a mutual commitment to fostering talent within the hospitality industry.

Gracing the ceremony from Dar Al Atta’a Maryam Issa Al Zadjali, Founder and President of the Dar Al Atta’a along with Siham Al Kharoosi, Manager of the Tamkeen Program, highlighting their dedication to empowering individuals through education and skill development. Muscat Hospitality Academy was represented by Ammar Ghabriss, Managing Director of MHA Oman, signifying the academy’s pledge towards excellence in hospitality education.
This significant sponsorship by Dar Al Atta’a to Muscat Hospitality Academy is a testament to the charitable organization’s commitment to enriching the community and providing tangible support to nurture talent in the hospitality sector.

Maryam Issa Al Zedjali, founder and president of the board of directors of Dar Al Atta, said, “We are delighted to sign an agreement and cooperate with Muscat Academy of Hospitality. This program is a wonderful opportunity to develop the skills of the beneficiaries of the initiative in the field of hospitality. Participants will be trained in cooking skills or professional hotel service. This program provides an opportunity for personal and professional growth. I would like to thank Habib Corporation and its partners for their support of the program and their continued faith in the work of the association.” quip promising individuals with the skills needed to thrive in a dynamic industry.

Ammar Ghabriss, Managing Director of MHA Oman shared, “This sponsorship by Dar Al Atta’a is a milestone for us at Muscat Hospitality Academy. It reflects our shared vision of fostering talent and providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed. We are excited about the prospects this partnership brings and the impact it will have on our students’ futures.”

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