Before you take the extreme step, stand in front of the Almighty’s door

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By Hatim Harith Al Abdissalaam

Only He can take your pain away

For every beginning there is an end, it is the cycle of life for both the living and the non-living creations of God. No one will ever dispute the fact that life is granted by the Creator and the soul can only depart from this world with His permission.

Best creations of the Almighty

Humans are the best creations of Almighty Allah; they are appointed as custodians on this earth for a sacred purpose, which is to build on what is given to them abundantly and most importantly, for spreading peace and harmony. Should man choose any other path that is different from the path of God then surely they will come across difficulties and challenges, which are beyond their capabilities to handle.

Chosen for a reason

If you take a look at the process of conceiving a child that parents go through, we realise that only the chosen one among the millions of sperms make it to this life in the usual cases. This is not a coincidence — it is planned carefully by Allah the Almighty, and the chosen one is chosen for a reason. We should be thankful and grateful to Allah for selecting us among the millions and then we should work hard to be constructive members while fulfilling our purpose in life, which is worshipping Him alone.

Dark path leads to more darkness

There is no doubt that all humans go through difficulties and challenges throughout their lives, which can either make you a better person by revealing your inner strengths or break you and lead you to a dark path. This dark path seems to be an easy way out when we don’t have a glimpse of hope but in reality it will eventually take us to the worst place ever.

Giving away the precious gift

The world is full of sad stories of suicide, where death doesn’t distinguish between the rich and the poor, the young and the old, the educated and the illiterate, the weak and the strong, the famous and the ordinary ones. They all have one thing in common: they all went through so much pain that made them decide to give away the most precious gift given by Allah to them, which is their life.

But, why do the rich do it?

Sometimes you wonder why the rich and famous take their lives when supposedly they have the entire world at the end of their fingertips. Why do they do it? Aren’t they supposed to be happy with all the success they have achieved in their lives?  What went wrong with their lives? And so many other questions, all of which ring hollow with no answers.

Some smile bravely through it all

This might be strange but what really amazes me is the reality that there are millions of people around the world who are going through even worse calamities in life and yet you see them smiling bravely through it all and are living in hope and never ever dreaming of taking that extreme step to end their lives.

Spiritual connections help

We have been deceived so many times by the media that happiness is found only in wealth, fame and beauty, while in reality the majority of those who have these three things fake their smiles in public and cry through their depression behind closed doors. If we take a closer look at the statistics, we will come to realise that communities that are engaged in a spiritual connection with the divine have fewer cases of suicide than those compared to other communities.

Spirituality is food for the soul

Spirituality is food for the soul and it can never be replaced with anything else. It is the only line of defence when things go wrong, or when life gets tough and you are hit badly. The strength derived from Almighty Allah will keep you strong and will safely take you to the end of the journey.

Open one more door

To those who feel that they have lost it all and are at the end of their tether, I have this to say:  I understand that nothing is working for you and that you have tried all the solutions you can think of to overcome your difficulties, but before you do something extreme, I would urge you to open just one more door. Stand in front of God’s door, it is He who gave you your life and it is He who knows you better than yourself and it is He who can take your pain away. Try it, you have nothing to lose.

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