Be’ah participates in Oman Sustainability Week

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MUSCAT – Oman Environmental Service Holding Company S.A.O.C (Be’ah) has announced its participation in the Oman Sustainability Week in March 2022, under the patronages of His Highness Theyazin bin Haitham bin Tarik, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth. The event will be hosted by the Petroleum Development Oman under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals.

Through its strategic partnership with a group of leading companies in Oman, Be’ah aims to showcase its most notable achievements that support Oman’s drive for sustainable development to enhance economic growth. It also looks to highlight its strategy that keeps pace with Oman’s Vision 2040 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Emphasising the company’s commitment to keeping pace with the objectives of The National Waste Management Strategy (NWMS) for a sustainable future, Shaikh Mohammed Sulaiman Al-Harthy, Executive Vice President-Strategic Development, Be’ah, said, “Our strategic vision at Be’ah aims to diversify processes of waste management, promote the concept of a circular economy, and build a culture of environmental sustainability in the society. Our participation in the Oman Sustainability Week events and awards underscores our commitment to supporting local and global efforts to achieve a better economic future within a sustainable environment.”

“Through our presence at this distinct event and its accompanying activities, we seek to exhibit the innovative solutions and projects we have launched over the past years, in collaboration with a number of institutions and stakeholders, with the aim of raising awareness among visitors and stakeholders about the development of the sector,” he further stated.

At the event, international organisations such as the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA), UN entities, and private sector institutions will provide recommendations on how enterprises and other bodies may transition to a more sustainable economy.

Be’ah will be represented in Stall No. 1, which will include representatives who took part in Oman’s first-ever environmental innovation platform, the country’s first business acceleration platform focused on sustainability and the environment. In addition to sharing new techniques, the community will be made more conscious of environmental issues and how resources will be conserved. Be’ah will also emphasise the need of transitioning to ecologically friendly methods and implementing resource reuse solutions. In light of it partnering under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Be’ah aspires to enhance its contribution to resource sustainability and extract materials of economic value for use, by adopting a circular economy model to enhance in-country value approach.

During the past period, Be’ah has been able to demonstrate its diligent efforts to achieve sustainability by launching a number of programs, initiatives and projects related to the management of the waste sector in Oman. It has recently announced the closure of the first cell in Engineering Forum dump in Al Amerat, the first operation of its kind in the region, with the aim of controlling any future environmental pollution.

The company revealed its intention to use new machinery to reduce green trash and huge lumber into small components to help with management and usage. These components are used to make organic fertilizers, animal feed, and other things. This aids in creating financial benefits through the sale of cutting green trash, which is one of Oman2040’s strategic objectives, and has led to the circular economy. The organisation continued to offer the Be’ah Academy’s online environmental management accreditation program in the field of sustainability, which was created to improve young knowledge and motivate them to innovate.

Oman Sustainability Week will be held at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre and is scheduled to run for a week from 13th to 17th March, 2022. It will include an exhibition, conference, intellectual leadership summit and field visits. This event will be a national platform that aims at highlighting Oman’s commitment to achieving leadership in sustainability by developing innovative strategies in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It will also involve national development entities to present Oman as a new example for sustainable development. The event brings together key policymakers, sustainability experts and industry leaders, to support the core message of sustainability as a national goal.

On the sidelines of the event, the winners of the Oman Sustainability Week Awards will be announced in the areas of clean water and hygiene, affordable clean energy, industry, innovation and infrastructure, climate action, and life on land. So far, 11 have participated and reached the finals, and through this award a road map will be drawn up to transform companies into a more sustainable business system. The Awards aim to raise awareness of sustainability issues and support companies and organisations in integrating responsible and sustainable practices into their strategy, while the long-term goal is to identify an organisation’s impact on sustainability and encourage its commitment to sustainability goals.

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