Bank Muscat organises seminar for Najahi customers in Sohar

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MUSCAT – In line with the growing importance of Micro, Small and Medium-sized (MSME) businesses in contributing to Oman’s economic growth and development, Bank Muscat recently organised a seminar titled “How to grow your own business.”

The seminar focused on ways to develop business projects and was presented by Butrus Said, a Corporate Consultant and Certified Guide in e-Commerce. Several customers of the Bank, including entrepreneurs, and representatives of MSMEs attended the seminar, which was held in the presence of Abdulnasir N. Al Raisi, General Manager – Personal Banking, Bank Muscat and a number of bank officials.On this occasion, Abdulnasir N. Al Raisi, General Manager – Personal Banking, Bank Muscat, said: “We are pleased to organise these events continuously for our Najahi customers. MSMEs have always been an area of focus for Bank Muscat, which is keen to provide these businesses with various financial services and facilities. In addition, the bank ensures that it keeps organising such training and seminars on topics relevant to the requirements of MSMEs. I would like to extend our sincere thanks to all the bank’s customers for their confidence in the services and facilities provided by Bank Muscat. The bank will continue to organise such events to provide the best options for customers.”

In her opening speech on this occasion, Raya Habib Al Shukaili, Senior Regional Manager, Bank Muscat said: “The current phase requires all of us to work hand in hand to enhance the role of this important sector and invest in the development of various services that will provide incentives, benefits and facilities for entrepreneurs. I take this opportunity to extend my appreciation to all the attendees for their participation in the success of today’s seminar. I wish all success to entrepreneurs in the development of their own respective businesses.”

Bank Muscat’s Najahi has received excellent customer praise for the financial services and facilities it provides as it enables MSMEs to develop and expand their businesses in line with the development goals of the Sultanate in order to contribute to diversifying income sources, and supporting Omani youth. Najahi was designed to meet the requirements of entrepreneurs and MSMEs by providing the necessary support during their initial stages. It offers a range of benefits like POS devices, debit and credit cards, online banking services and collateral-free financial facilities. Bank Muscat is proud of all the positive results achieved by the programme and the high demand it receives from institutions and entrepreneurs to benefit from these facilities. Business projects supported by Najahi represent a range of sectors including retail, hospitality, industry, tourism, mining and agriculture sectors.

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