Are you in control of your life?

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It is 24 hours for all
Here is one question for all the moaners, groaners and complainers: Are you having less time in your hands than everyone else?

Are you getting less and are they getting more?
No! It is 24 hours, 1440 minutes or 86400 seconds per day for every single person. But, how you utilise that precious 24 hours is upto you. That is the crunch. Still, if you focus on what you want to achieve and then go about it in a determined manner, you will change any outcome.

Ask yourself: why do I do what I do?
Once that is answered, you can go about improving your lives.
Always remember, the quality of your life is basically dependent on the quality of your thoughts, followed up by actions. Quality thoughts, quality action.

Where focus goes, energy flows
Let us look at what happens when we allow sunglight to pass through a magnifying glass on a piece of paper or a twig or a straw. Within a short time, you have your fire!

This is a simple practical example to put things in the right perspective, and and helps you focus!
In the real world, what we need is the right focus. Where the focus goes, the energy flows, bringing you the desired result. For every action, there should be a focused plan, to ensure the right result.

Energy put to right use
Look around and you will notice a circle of people, personal, professional and social surrounding you. Every one of them is brought together by your own self. In some way, directly or indirectly, we influence them and our thoughts too. The energy involved in these interactions is also yours.

If you understand the flow and the reasons behind it, you will realise that energy utilised the right way can make a difference, a right change in your lives. Every one of us has immense power to influence others. Most of us do not know the power. The power of your influence matters and works only when it is based on the right choice. Energy put to right use brings about the right focus and end result and engagement in the right direction.
Top author Stephen Covey had explained how human beings create various circles of interaction and living.

The circles of life: interest, influence and control
What happens around us is beyond our control. Yet, how we react and respond determines how we live our lives.
But, we indulge in trivial pursuits. A major portion of the day, we channelise our good energy towards topics and issues of so-called ‘interest’. For instance, we are worried about climate change globally, the war-like scenario somewhere, the endless political issues, even the traffic jam on the local roads and the ensuing frustration that comes out it. We scatter our energy in these unwanted subjects; where our thoughts or even our words will not elicit even the smallest of change.

The three circles that surround us play a crucial role in our living. The outer most circle of ‘interest’ is what we all get sucked into. It’s the one that make us waste our energy by indulging in matters that are way beyond our action and control.

Then comes the next level of the circle of ‘influence’; the issues where we have a choice of control and can influence to an extent like for instance, the family and work-place decisions.

But the most critical and life-changing circle is the inner circle of ‘control’, which actually allows YOU to make decisions and changes. Once we identify the circles that we surround ourselves with, we get to channelise our energy to the right circle allowing ourselves to real action, which, motivates and inspires life- changing paths.

Kick start the change
We are doing very little to make a change. All we are doing is to waste our precious time and energy on unwanted issues. So, stop!

Change directions and take control. Channelise your energy, thoughts and actions to what you can actually change, where you can actually make a difference by being in control of how and what you do, to reach your destination of change. Always be in control.

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