Alizz Islamic Bank opens nominations for “Heya” awards for women

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MUSCAT – In conjunction with the approach of the Sultanate celebration of Omani Women’s Day, which falls on the seventeenth of October each year, Alizz Islamic Bank announced the opening of nominations for the “Heya” awards for women in its second edition. These awards were are a gesture of gratitude and appreciation for the role of Omani women for their contribution to the Nation with an aim to showcase the ambition, determination, strengthen & confidence of women in the society and with an aim to inspire and recognize women leaders, now and in the future.

The announcement of the second edition of the prestigious ‘Heya’ award augurs well for the growing number of women in the business stratum and reflects rightly on the country’s stand towards empowerment of women in general. As per the set protocol, Alizz Islamic Bank has adopted rigorous steps to maintain transparency and credibility to the selection of nominees and short-listing of winners. Beginning with a 10-day nomination period followed through by opening the voting process on its website. The nomination process will be available for everyone, with the option of self nomination or nomination of other women deemed worthy of ‘Heya’ awards. Winners will be selected from the final tally of the public vote and the awards will be distributed during the Banks Omani Womens Day celebration.

Designed to recognise and felicitate women, the ‘Heya’ awards come as an expression of appreciation and gratitude for the pioneering role played by women in building the nation; it is a formal acknowledgement of their contribution in various fields as they continue to demonstrate their expertise and experience in the social and economic arena. The awards have been classified into several categories, including the award for the Best New Business, Best Online Business and the Most Inspiring Businesswoman Award, which is considered as an important catalyst for the growth of female owned businesses.

Other award categories are: Made in Oman Award for the Best Business Owned by Women in the field of locally produced goods; Best Service Customer Service Award for businesses – owned by women – that provide customer service; Social Responsibility Award, which will be given to the woman who gives back to the community through dedicated social responsibility program; an Award for the Best Online Business that provides its services via the Internet; and, finally, the most coveted of them all,  the Role Model of the Year Award. This award will be given to that woman who has proven to be an idol with her leadership skills and success portfolio.

Mohammed Al Ghassani, AGM – Chief Consumer Banking Officer at Alizz Islamic Bank, said: “Women have, since the beginning of the Renaissance, partnered with men in building our beloved nation. They have taken strong and steady strides to ensure that the nation runs smoothly on all levels. This devotion is pronounced in all the development projects that have started and are still growing to this day. They have been a part of all-round development and have received equal rights, which have ensured their place alongside men in all departments.”

Al Ghassani added, “These awards come as an appreciation and gratitude from the executive management of the Bank and as an expression of solidarity with Omani Women’s Day. It is our way of celebrating this great day and we spare no effort to support women’s creative energies in various fields, and at all levels. Besides the awards, we have also organized several events and celebrations to enhance the spirit of cooperation among women working in our bank, while establishing a sense of belonging to the workplace, which is reflected in their continuous productivity at work.”

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