Alizz Islamic Bank launches ‘From Al Yusr To Alizz Islamic Bank’

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MUSCAT – In order to enhance and smoothen the merger process for customers of Alizz Islamic Bank and Al Yusr Islamic Banking, the Islamic Banking window of Oman Arab Bank, Alizz Islamic Bank has launched a microsite titled ‘From Al Yusr to Alizz Islamic Bank’ under the ‘About Us’ section of its corporate website.

The microsite was created as the ideal platform to respond to any customer inquiries about the merger process and has the relevant details a customer may need to know such as any important and necessary aspects of the process of the transfer and integration of accounts from Al Yusr Islamic Banking to Alizz Islamic Bank. It also has information on how to manage cheques and responds to inquiries about dates related to paying monthly instalments if applicable. It goes into detail on the particular mechanisms for the branch transformation and anything related to the services of debit cards along with their validity and expiration period as well as information on the communication channels through which it is possible to communicate with the bank directly.

Regarding the launch of this microsite, Murtadha Jawad, AGM – Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Alizz Islamic Bank said: “As part of our integrated merger communications strategy, the microsite which we consider the anchor of this plan helps reduce the time needed to respond to all clients’ inquiries and provides them with all the information regarding the transition from Al Yusr to Alizz. Since it’s a fluid communication channel, we can make sure that updates are real-time because we believe that being as transparent as possible with customers and the community is a key success factor in any merger.”

The Microsite works as an orientation for new customers to get to know the bank’s services as well as to keep them up-to-date with key dates and milestones as we integrate both entities into one. The site also provides the bank with a platform that empowers our customers with knowledge and continues to help us drive the brand forward. In addition to pushing information out, it’s just as important, if not more important, to create an avenue for feedback and dialogue with our customers. It is not about having a digital strategy, but more about having a strategy for a digital world.” Murtadha explained.

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