Al Madina Takaful conducts HSR workshop

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MUSCAT – To strengthen an empathetic connection between the company and community, Al Madina Takaful organised a workshop on the concept of Human Social Responsibility (HSR). A model that is growing in popularity in the corporate world, HSR embraces the idea that people are at the centre of every organisation. Experts define HSR has the shift from focusing on corporate to human in how companies serve the community.

The workshop was led by Eng. Nasser Al Amri, Founder and General Manager of Sunaae Almajd, which specialises in designing social responsibility projects and he introduced the concept of HSR to the employees of Al Madina Takaful. With efforts like volunteerism, community friendly practices, philanthropy becoming key spotlights for companies across Oman it is not surprising that HSR has become a growing idea among businesses of all sizes. Currently companies are often seen taking the lead and venturing into humanitarian projects.

Usama Al Barwani, CEO of Al Madina Takaful said, “Having an HSR strategy will indicate that company is compassionate and treats all people well. HSR endeavours helps foster a more productive and positive work environment and promotes volunteering and positive efforts from employees. Today’s customers look for companies that are committed to HSR efforts, and most employees choose to work for companies who give back to their communities in one way or another. We are driven by the belief that every employee has the ability to help make our local community better through special efforts.”

Following the workshop Al Madina Takaful plans to launch different activities in the Sultanate. Al Madina Takaful has been at the forefront when it comes to supporting social responsibility initiatives. In supporting its communities, the company continues to contribute to key initiatives under education, special needs, charity, health, welfare platforms.

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