“A trial for human resilience”

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Maimuna Al Sulaimani, lawyer, human rights activist and scribe

MUSCAT- May 12,2 020: The COVID-19 crisis has put everyone into a challenging mode of life. Until two months back, none of us would have even imagined that there would be lockdowns, limitations or the term ‘social distancing’; a standstill of many normally taken-for-granted and routine schedules. But we are resilient beings.
Adversity brings out the best in us, provided we face the challenges with positivity, discipline and planning.

Personal time out
On a personal level, the corona virus lockdown gave me some time to complete various projects and meet the pending deadlines.  As a person who balances career and family, there are many compromises involved. But, this time out has made me focus on the personal front and professional targets with a new meaning. When your job involves strategic and academic planning, you will always have a tough struggle managing time.
As a parent, my children are happy to have the extra hours with me. And the online teaching has been quite an eye opener. I am adding new digital coaching skills to my parent portfolio.

New paths to pursue
Now on the professional front: Oman’s courts were open for a while during the early stages of the corona virus crisis, which was around three weeks ago. The justice system adapted to the new conditions with the legal systems going online. Whatsapp allows us to complete our procedures online. Legal emergencies are handled through emails to the relevant courts. It is amazing how the legal system has adapted to ensure that public has access to justice and legalities and even in matters of human rights.

Nation standing tall
We can proudly say our nation stood up to meet the adverse and challenging conditions brought in by this health crisis. All citizens and residents are provided free health facilities to curb the spread of the infection. Also, all essential services are provided; private school education has gone digital ensuring students their right to education despite this crisis.

Killing, but unifying
COVID-19 is a killer virus. In the true sense, the virus is destroying the economy of the nation.  It has put us through emotional, physical and professional trauma. But, at the same time, COVID-19 has also succeeded in unifying humanity. The positive side is that it has unified the world to fight against a common enemy, at the same time getting rid of the pollution in the environment. The labour sector is relaxing its rules and regulations, allowing more tolerance, upholding human rights, ensuring the people go back to their own home country if they wish to, without fines and penalties.

More tolerant
People have become more tolerant, more helping, open and I am sure this virus will offer a shock treatment for many to get back to much-needed discipline; help them embrace good health and maintain a positive attitude. I think we will learn to become better humans in the aftermath. Also on the commercial side, great opportunities remain post COVID-19.

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