Decisions regulate electronic journalism, radio, TV establishments

by | Dec 14, 2020

Muscat: Dr Abdullah bin Nassir al Harrasi, Minister of Information has issued two ministerial decisions regulating electronic journalism and electronic Radio and Television establishments in the Sultanate.

The first decision, which amends some provisions of the Executive Regulation of the Law on Publications and Publishing, seeks to organize electronic journalism in the Sultanate. The amendments are introduced to Articles 10bis, 16bis, 2, 35bis, 39bis and 45bis, like practicing the profession of importing, selling and publishing electronic publications, as well as applying for an electronic media agency and working as electronic media reporter.

Article (2) grants a three-month grace period for the adjustment of status for press establishments, publications, those operating in the profession of import, sale and publishing of electronic publishing, electronic news agencies, electronic journalism and reporters of electronic news agencies as of the date of enforcement of this decision.

The second decision amends some provision of the Executive Regulation of the Law on Private Radio and Television Establishments.

The decision replaces the text of Article 11 with the following: “Without prejudice to the Commercial Companies Law promulgated under Royal Decree No 18/2019, the provisions of this clause apply to applicants of a (new) establishment or existing Radio, Television or other establishment to adjust their status with this decision within three months from its date of enforcement.” –ONA

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