Kindness can be the bridge between life and death

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They say, sometimes, the worst place you can be could be in your own head.  Because that is from where all the problems begin and that is from where the danger starts. That is where the monsters within can stir up some sensational stories of pain and hatred and dark lies, which in your weakened state you may tend to believe and perhaps trip on, falling headlong into a dark abyss, from which you may never ever arise.

Life is tough. It has never been easy.

Open our hearts

And currently, we are living in times when it has just got a lot more tougher. If we, whom I should rightly say are the privileged lot, because we at least have a roof above our heads, still holding a decent job and family all around us safe and sound, claim that we are going through tough times, then what about the ones out there whose lives were already a living hell and then suddenly things became even worse, like right now in this dark age of the COVID?

That is why I feel that we need to open not just our minds, but also our hearts, in these dark and difficult times, to people whose lives have always been hit badly and are now ridden over by the monstrous COVID.

Some live lives of quiet desperation

Have you seen street animals? Seen how they behave; how they slink away and are scared of your sight or get startled and flee if you happen to get near them? It is their previous experience that is making them act in that manner. It is the life they have been leading; therefore, people too, who are living lives of quiet desperation and are in pain and unhappiness and suffering, will not able to give you a smile and speak calmly – they may perhaps behave strangely or react in an inappropriate manner.

That could be the last straw

Of course, some may not. There may be some who may have the capacity to smile through their worst problems and yes, there are always exceptions to the rule but largely, many will not be able to cope and some may be at the very end of their tether, almost ready to breakdown and that is when you pile on your unkindness or angry behaviour or reaction on them and that could prove to be the tipping point for them. That may well be the last straw…

Don’t push them further

I don’t want to pontificate, but I want to say this much: please make an attempt to be kind. Like the saying goes, you don’t really know what they must be going through, so reserve your judgment; stop yourself from reacting harshly to someone who happens to be rude to you or is behaving strangely with you…maybe it is not you, maybe it is their own life’s struggles that is making them react in a rude and strange manner. Give them a chance; don’t push them further for they could be pushed over the edge. And always remember, being kind goes a long way – far longer than you can ever imagine.

Your challenges are bigger

If we place all our woes and struggles on a platter, we will voluntarily and quickly choose ours back, and will never be willing to trade our hurdles and challenges with that of another’s.  Why? Only because there are people out there carrying heavier challenges than ours.

A little thought: big life changer

A kind word, an accepting gesture, a simple smile, an understanding nod, an acknowledging reply, all add up to being humane. A little thoughtful act can be a big life changer for many.

Let us practice being humane – every day.

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